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Emergency Plumbing Solutions

An emergency plumbing situation can occur at any time of any day. In this blog we outline a few helpful tips to limit the extent of damage in your emergency plumbing situation:   Frozen Pipes Can occur when the weather drops to freezing cold temperatures and you have uninsulated pipes.  It is essential to insulate your pipes to prevent them from freezing, bursting and filling the surrounding area with cold water which could seriously damage your floors, walls and furniture.  If your pipes are

How Big Should My Hot Water Tank Be?

We’ve all been there – you are standing in the shower, relaxing and having a great time when it happens. The water goes cold. The size of your hot water tank might not be something you think about all the time, but when that water starts to run cold nothing seems more important. So, how are you supposed to know exactly how big your hot water tank is supposed to be? The easiest way to find out is to give us a

Repair it VS. Replace it

When it comes to repairs around your home, even the simple, quick fixes can easily become frightening. Not only does it put you in a negative mood, it also triggers the fear of a costly bill. Being able to differentiate when something needs to be replaced, and when you can have it repaired, makes a tremendous difference.  At Butler Plumbing, our technicians are dependable, upfront and honest. We’re here the help guide you through repairs, or replacements and take your

How to Winterize your Outdoor Taps

There’s a chill in the air, and the temperature has started to drastically drop during the nights. This is when we know winter is right around the corner. Frozen faucets are not only an extremely frustrating mess to deal with, but also very costly and inconvenient. If frozen pipes strike fear in your heart, you’ll want to continue reading so you can winterize your exterior faucets! Disconnect from your faucets To begin, you will need to start with the basics: disconnect everything from your

The Cold Reality of Frozen Pipes and How to Prevent Them

When the weather is taking a deep nose dive into the cold dreary days, the risk of your pipes freezing and potentially bursting skyrockets. Unfortunately, during these cold dreary months, burst pipes are the most common denominator for property damage. The pipes that are most at the risk are those that are in areas where it is most cold in your home. For instance, pipes located in interior places such as basements, attics, and your garage. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that

The Easy Fall Home Checklist

If only lighting a bunch of pumpkin spice candles were enough to prep your home for fall!  While that is a crucial part of getting ready for the change of seasons, there are more important (and not exactly fun) things to prepare when you are a homeowner. Consider this information as everything you need to know before your house transitions from hot summer days to cool fall nights, and eventually freezing temperatures. A plumbing inspection of your home can help determine

Why Do My Drains Smell Bad?

Why Do My Drains Smell Bad? After a long day of scrubbing your kitchen clean, do you still smell something foul from the garbage disposal? What about the drain in your bathroom sink? It’s hard to feel like your home is truly clean unless it smells fresh as well. A plumbing system in a home that generates sewer-like odors is something that you want corrected right away. There are a number of reasons why drains can start to emit bad smells, from

Why are My Pipes Making Noises?

Why are My Pipes Making Noises? Are you tired of those strange plumbing noises around your home? Generally speaking, plumbing systems should work silently. When pipes begin to get noisy, it’s because they require attention. Think about it as if your pipes where crying for help, banging, hissing, and hammering away with that annoying racket. Sometimes the noises are minor and don’t indicate a serious issue. However, reaching out for professional plumbing advice is ALWAYS recommended when it comes to noisy plumbing

Your Spring Renovation Checklist by Butler Plumbing

Deciding to undergo renovations can be overwhelming, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. However, a little planning never hurt anybody. In fact, planning beforehand is a must if you want to renovate your home. Whether its your first renovation or your 10th, knowing exactly what to prepare and drafting a plan can be overwhelming. That’s why we have made it simple for you with a quick checklist that will make your renovation life as undisruptive as possible. WISH AWAY! Start