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Butler Plumbing Wins MSCC ‘Gold Standard’ Contractor Award

We are thrilled to announce that Butler Plumbing recently achieved the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) ‘Gold Standard’ award.  We really appreciate this recognition from the MSCC and would like to thank our clients for their continued business.The MSCC is a division of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (est. 1895) that is dedicated to the success of mechanical service, repair, and retrofit contractors. From the MSCC website: ‘The MSCC Gold Standard Contractor designation recognizes Canada’s elite level companies and provides building owners and

Gas Barbecues & Heaters

Propane vs Gas Barbecues With an outdoor gas line, you’ll never have to worry about a propane tank again! As the sun comes out more and more often this time of year, you most likely spend more and more time outside.  One of the best ways to soak up the summer atmosphere and enjoy the sun is to BBQ in your garden. Just imagine it, you come home from work on a beautiful Thursday evening, the sun is shining and the sky is

How to Take Care of Solvents

Taking care of solvents Summer is the perfect time to get all your home ‘DIY’ projects underway!  The great sunshine, warm weather, and long nights make it perfect for working on your deck, shed or whatever outdoor project you want to get completed!So, get yourself down to the hardware store and stock up on all the supplies you will need to make this summer a productive one. However, some products from the hardware store can pose a risk to your home, especially

The Difference Between Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing or Drainage? You flush your toilet, and it makes a horrible sound whilst threatening to flood your entire bathroom.  Plumbing or drainage? High-Quality Fittings are Essential for Plumbing & Drainage to Work Efficiently You turn your faucet on expecting a nice cool, refreshing glass of water but instead are greeted with some form of brown dirty water.  Plumbing or drainage? A funny smell coming from your kitchen sink ruining your dinner parties? Plumbing or drainage? Do you even care? You just want it fixed,

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

What is a Sump Pump? Sump Pumps are pumps that are used to clear out water that collects in a sump basin, this prevents dampness from building up and flooding from happening. They are commonly used in basement suites, and houses where the water table is above the foundation of the house. More than 60% of North American households have some form of moisture in their basement according to the ASHI – therefore it is imperative that yours is kept well maintained. An

Six Spring Cleaning Tips You Haven’t Considered

Spring is finally upon us and it’s time to get out there and tidy up! While we all know to do the usual: gardening, cleaning up the yard, a trip to the dump – there are a few key maintenance areas that are often neglected. Follow all six tips and keep your home in top form! 1. Flush Those Floor Drains Have you ever entered your basement, or seldom used bathroom, only to be confronted with a foul smell? You look around the

Dryer Maintenance is Important

Dryer maintenance is super important for the health of any home. Routine maintenance will not only help your machine last longer, it will also make sure that your family and your home stay safe. Part of keeping any drying machine performing is to check and clean out the built-in lint filter. A blocked up filter prevents hot air from leaving the dryer, thus affecting its overall performance. This is why some dryers take longer to get those clothes dry than others!

How to Prepare for a Trouble Free 2017

Many of our customers ask us how to prepare for a trouble free 2017 – there is so much that can go wrong with your home over the course of a year! The team at Butler Plumbing wants to help you minimize these mishaps as much as possible! While we can’t promise anything, there are a few steps that you can take to help make sure that 2017 is your home’s best year yet! So, what can YOU do to make

Happy Holidays from Everyone at Butler Plumbing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone From all of us at Butler Plumbing While it is hard to believe that December is already here, there is no denying that the Holiday Season is well underway! With the end of the in sight – we thought we would pass along some helpful tips to make 2017 the best year for you and your home! Whether you are staying home over the holidays or traveling abroad, here are four important tips on home maintenance

Where is My Water Shutoff Valve?

The harsh temperatures of an Alberta winter can really cause havoc to your home if you are not properly prepared. While hindsight is always 20/20 – there are steps you can take to properly protect your home from the cold. Before the colder weather hits, make sure that your pipes are properly insulated. Foam padding sleeves and insulating tape are both available to keep your pipes warm. However, sometimes the worst happens. Whether you are away on holiday and get a call