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How to Prepare for a Trouble Free 2017

Many of our customers ask us how to prepare for a trouble free 2017 – there is so much that can go wrong with your home over the course of a year! The team at Butler Plumbing wants to help you minimize these mishaps as much as possible! While we can’t promise anything, there are a few steps that you can take to help make sure that 2017 is your home’s best year yet! So, what can YOU do to make

Happy Holidays from Everyone at Butler Plumbing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone From all of us at Butler Plumbing While it is hard to believe that December is already here, there is no denying that the Holiday Season is well underway! With the end of the in sight – we thought we would pass along some helpful tips to make 2017 the best year for you and your home! Whether you are staying home over the holidays or traveling abroad, here are four important tips on home maintenance

Where is My Water Shutoff Valve?

The harsh temperatures of an Alberta winter can really cause havoc to your home if you are not properly prepared. While hindsight is always 20/20 – there are steps you can take to properly protect your home from the cold. Before the colder weather hits, make sure that your pipes are properly insulated. Foam padding sleeves and insulating tape are both available to keep your pipes warm. However, sometimes the worst happens. Whether you are away on holiday and get a call

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Test your carbon monoxide detector! Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless and can lead to serious, even fatal consequences if you’re exposed to its fumes. Proactively inspecting your CO detector will ensure you’re protected should you find yourself dealing with a leak. When functioning properly, a carbon monoxide detector will warn you whenever there is an improperly burning gas heater or a blocked chimney. We typically like to test your carbon monoxide detector twice a year, but we recommend that you perform a

How to Know When to Change Your Furnace Filter

A lot of the time, people forget entirely about their furnace filters. More often than not, people will only change their furnace filters when a technician comes to service their unit. Sometimes, these visits can be years apart! A clean filter prevents dust and other debris from being sucked in by the blower fan, but if it’s severely blocked you are at risk to damage your furnace. So, don’t forget to change your furnace filter! A lot of furnace repairs come

Routine Dryer Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your Machine

Make Sure Your Vents Are Lint Free Last month we reminded you to always keep you air intake vents clear. Now that the weather is starting to cool down, we will all be switching over to “inside chores”. One thing that is often overlooked is your dryer’s lint filter. Part of keeping any dryer performing efficiently is to check and clean out the built-in lint filter. A stuffed up filter prevents hot air from leaving the dryer, thus affecting its overall performance.

Preparing Your Intake Screens for Fall

While it seems like we are still in the throes of summer, there is never a better time to plan for the future than the present. Making sure that all of your intake screens are clean and free of debris is a simple task to tack on when you are completing your routine summer yard work. Your home or building has several air intake areas which allow for air flow too freely throughout the structure. Each intake is equipped with a

Flush Those Floor Drains!

Have you ever entered your basement, or seldom used bathroom, only to be confronted with a foul smell? You look around the room, but cannot seem to find the source. If you look under your kitchen sink, you will most likely see a p-trap! Well, the foul smell could actually be coming from your floor drains. When the water in your p-trap evaporates, sewer gasses from below can creep up into your home. A p-trap is a curved shaped pipe, often found

Gas Barbecue and Patio Heaters

It seems as though summer has come to Edmonton early this year! With the onset of the warmer weather, you and your family are sure to be spending more time outside. Do you have a propane barbecue or a gas barbecue? Grill all summer long without skipping a beat when you have an outdoor gas line and gas barbecue! With this warmer weather come BBQ season! If you BBQ a lot, and are continually going through propane tanks, installing a gas line to

Properly Storing Solvents

With the arrival of beautiful, spring-like weather it is time to start all of those home projects you have been putting off all winter! Properly store solvents away from any gas appliances.Whether you are planning on refinishing your deck, finally changing the colour of your siding, or working on your car – it is important to properly store all products used that have solvents in them. What Are Solvents? They are liquids or gasses that can dissolve or extract other substances. They are