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Gas Barbecue and Patio Heaters

It seems as though summer has come to Edmonton early this year! With the onset of the warmer weather, you and your family are sure to be spending more time outside. Do you have a propane barbecue or a gas barbecue? Grill all summer long without skipping a beat when you have an outdoor gas line and gas barbecue! With this warmer weather come BBQ season! If you BBQ a lot, and are continually going through propane tanks, installing a gas line to

Properly Storing Solvents

With the arrival of beautiful, spring-like weather it is time to start all of those home projects you have been putting off all winter! Properly store solvents away from any gas appliances.Whether you are planning on refinishing your deck, finally changing the colour of your siding, or working on your car – it is important to properly store all products used that have solvents in them. What Are Solvents? They are liquids or gasses that can dissolve or extract other substances. They are

Why You Should Turn Off Your Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

As the weather gets warmer, you will be using your gas fireplace less and less. We recommend that you turn off your gas fireplace pilot light seasonally. Turning off your gas fireplace’s pilot light can save a substantial amount of energy and money. Butler Plumbing vans come with all of the gas-fitting essentials.It is important to remember that not all gas fireplaces have “standing” pilot light, or, a pilot light that is “always on”. The best way to determine if you

Test Your Toilets for Water Leakage

Did you know that you should be testing your toilet for water leakage? Most toilet leaks are silent and slow. These tiny toilet leaks can reduce your toilet’s efficiency and waste a lot of water if left untreated. If you are not sure how to test for water leakage – our plumbers can help! We recommend testing your toilet for leaks twice a year. It is also important to note that time-released toilet bowl cleaners that sit in your tank can deteriorate

Test Your Main Backwater Valve

Imagine dirty sewage filling up your basement – seeping into all of your belongings and causing lots of damage. Fortunately, there is way to prevent this from happening. You can prevent sewage from backing up into your home by routinely testing your mainline backwater valve. The Backwater Valve may not look pretty, but it does a great job of protecting your home. A backwater valve is designed to allow water or sewage to flow only one way – out of your house!

End of the Year Tips from Butler Plumbing

From all of us at Butler Plumbing, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Whether you’re staying at home during this Christmas season or traveling abroad, here are five important tips from Butler Plumbing on home maintenance jobs to perform before you put your feet up for the holidays. Remove Outside Hoses from Faucets Even if you’ve shut off your outside faucets, an attached hose can still damage both the hose and pipe. In order to prevent damage, disconnect and drain all

Locate and Label Your Main Shutoff Valve

Sometimes plumbing emergencies happen. When they happen, the first thing you’ll likely need to do, before calling an expert, is to stop the flow of water. Knowing where your main shutoff valve is located is the first step in accomplishing that.