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Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control – Keep Your Water Pure

get-a-quote-for-backflow-prevention Backflow prevention keeps your drinking water clean and uncontaminated by separating it from other water uses. Cross connection happens whenever there is an actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any source of possible pollution. Plumbing experts and health authorities have worked close together to create a cross connection control system which prevents any contamination otherwise known as “backflow” through the installation of backflow preventers. Backflow prevention Butler Plumbing, Heating and Gasfitting are professional installers of backflow preventers & cross connection control systems that prevent backsiphonage backflow and backpressure backflow. With proper installation of backflow preventers, your drinking water will be safe for consumption.

Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control Programs

Backsiphonage backflow happens when there is a negative pressure in the piping system that can be caused by line repair or lowered main pressure. Backpressure backflow results whenever a non-potable water supply with higher pressure is connected to and overpowers a potable water system. These types of failures can happen in heating systems, pressure production devices, pump systems and elevated tanks. Backflow preventers are employed to avert any type of water pressure backflow or contamination. Professionally installed backflow preventers allow you to freely use your water supply for many uses and still maintain a healthy supply of safe drinking water.

Butler Plumbing Promotes Cross Connection Regulations

Enjoy uncontaminated water Butler Plumbing Heating & Gasfitting Ltd. supports cross connection control programs and regulations. We install backflow prevention systems & backflow preventers that ensure the highest quality standards when it comes to maintenance on your heating systems, drains, boilers and furnaces. To ensure your backflow prevention and cross connection control systems operate at optimum efficiency, we test valve annually according to Epcor strict standards. Epcor is the body that enforces healthy clean water standards throughout Alberta. We are a very dependable and honest Edmonton plumbing company often described as one of Edmonton’s “best kept secrets”. Our 30+ years of experience goes into every backflow prevention system we install for commercial and residential plumbing systems in Edmonton. We dedicate ourselves to our customers by providing reliable, honest, and high quality service.

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