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Best Heating System in Edmonton

Butler Plumbing offer’s you the best heating system in Edmonton. With service that has a total peace of mind with expert repairs conducted by licensed heating professionals. You can be sure that the repair will be completed with safety and professionalism. Butler Plumbing has been trusted in homes across Edmonton for over 30 years.

Butler Plumbing only provides professional technicians who will treat you and your home with respect, that means being clean and smart, removing our shoes to protect your carpets.

Our personnel are trained experts when it comes to heat pump repairs.  We guarantee reliable service, and because we will beat same size competitor pricing, you can be sure that you are getting the best value on the market. Butler Plumbing is ready at the drop of a hat. We are available 7 days per week to help you with your heating repairs in Edmonton. As soon as you call us, we send one of our fully trained technicians in your area to your home or office. The technician will always be fully equipped to diagnose and fix the problem. This is especially important in the winter when loss of heat can be both uncomfortable and possibly dangerous

We’re prepared to service any type of heating issue. We will make sure the heating repairs are done correctly, and we will do what it takes to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. That’s precisely what makes us experts and gives us an advantage over the competition.

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What is A Hydronic Heating System?

Hydronic heating systems are hot water heating systems that use water as a medium for conveying and transmitting the heat to the various rooms and spaces within a structure. Hydronic heating systems are based either on gravity flow principle or forced circulation. Hydronic heating or forced-hot-water heating is widely used in residential and commercial structures.

Hydronic Heating Systems can be used for:

  • Baseboard Heating
  • Radiant Floors
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Panel Radiators
  • Intermittent Garage Heating
  • Pool & Spa Heating


How Does Hydronic Heating System Work?

Hydronic heating is beautiful in its simplicity. The hydronic system simply heats water and moves it through sealed pipes to radiators throughout the home. The sealed system can also be used to heat towel rails, floor slabs, even swimming pools, anywhere where it is needed.

Hydronic systems that transfer the majority of their heat by thermal radiation reduce air temperature stratification, and thus reduce heat loss through ceilings. Comfort can often be maintained at lower air temperatures when a space is radiantly heated. This leads to further energy savings. Zoned hydronic systems provide the potential for unoccupied rooms to be kept at lower temperatures, which also lowers heat loss and reduces fuel consumption.

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Benefits of Hydronic Heating System:


The Green, ECO-Friendly Choice

Hydronic Heating is a natural heating alternative utilizing water and natural gas. Energy use can be up to 70% less than other methods such as electricity dependent reverse cycle systems. The system is sealed with minimal emissions.


Clean & Healthy

Hydronic heating provides warmth in the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air by burning or causing unpleasant draughts, nor does it create humidity, hot spots or noise. It is a totally dust free, allergen free form of heating making it ideal for medical conditions such as asthma.



Hydronic Heating is completely sealed, with no exposed flames or electrical connections for fire hazards. The water temperature circulates in a hydronic heating system at an adjustable temperature to determine optimum comfort levels in individual rooms.



The sealed Hydronic System contains very few moving parts. If quality components are used, and expert installation is undertaken the system should remain maintenance free for years as there is very little to go wrong. It is set and forget other than temperature adjustment. The boiler is a gas appliance and we recommend annual service to ensure ongoing efficient and safe operation.


Cost effective

A Hydronic heating system will cost around 20% less to operate than a ducted system in a house with 2.7m ceilings. Those homes with higher ceilings will see even greater cost savings of around 30-40%.


Why Choose Butler Plumbing?

We do our best to provide you with the excellent services that you deserve. Whether you are looking for heater installation and repair, or if you need re-piping and drain cleaning services, we offer you the best quality plumbing work accompanied by fair pricing for the work.

At Butler Plumbing, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and the assurance that service will be provided to your satisfaction. Do you have a challenge that requires fixing your heating system or any plumbing repair? All it takes is a phone call to Butler Plumbing to have your challenge solved!

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