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Best Seat in the House

Worst case scenario - when your toilet is broken

Toilets are the best seat in the house! You’re expected to remain seated for the entire “performance”. They treat us well, keep us clean, and don’t tell anyone what they’ve seen, but what if your fear your toilet is broken?

Admit it, we have all sat on the toilet and turned the WASHROOM into a THINKING ROOM. Some of our best and worst thoughts come from sitting on that seat, but the best part is when life gives you $#!T you can flush it away in an instance!

However, there comes a time in your life when you notice signs that this “relationship” is on its way to hitting a slippery road. Your favorite seat isn’t treating you with the same comfort anymore and you’re contemplating if it’s time to say goodbye.


5 Signs Your Toilet is Broken


Nothing lasts forever, so trust us when we say that this is no cosmetic issue. Since most toilets are made of porcelain, cracking and fractures are common on lids and bowls. If you frequently see water around your toilet, then this could mean there is a crack in the tank or bowl. It’s always smart to replace a cracked toilet before that small crack breaks through and floods your entire washroom.


Do you keep noticing a puddle on the floor after you clean it up? This could be a result of a leaking toilet. Cracks, bad seals and broken flanges are some of the causes for these repairs and replacements. If you have an older toilet, it may be cost effective to replace the toilet than repair it. Also, keep in mind that leaks don’t only cause water damage, but consume water as well.


We all clog our toilet here and there and it isn’t end of the world. But, have you tried flushing your toilet and it becomes the dreaded “NO FLUSH”? Or maybe it requires two flushes to empty the bowl. Maybe you tempted to troubleshoot the problem on your own with the plunger and haven’t had any success. It’s best to call us to fix this issue ASAP!

Hissing Sound

Do you flush and hear your toilet hissing back at you? A hissing sound is never a good sign and the continuous shrieking sounds can become quite annoying. This can mean that the fill valve may be wearing out or damaged which is causing the tank to irregularly regular the amount of water that enters the tank after flushing.

Funky Smell

No, we are not talking about that smell after you’ve been in the washroom for an hour after eating a 10-course meal all to yourself. We are talking about that nasty smell that’s always there even though you’ve cleaned your toilet more than often and used good old-fashioned bleach. This smell can come from leaking, clogging bacteria from sewage and something complicated in which case you need to call Butler Plumbing.


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