A Gold Medal for Butler Plumbing!

//A Gold Medal for Butler Plumbing!

homestarsAs the Winter Olympics nears its finale and new story lines are written for all the competing athletes, we can’t help but reflect on our own accomplishments here at Butler Plumbing.

Last year was milestone year for us, and we’re thrilled to share with you that we have won the HomeStars “Best of 2013” Award. This award gets merited to the company who has received the highest reputation based on client reviews. It’s our second year we’ve earned this prestigious title, and we couldn’t have done it without all your support and feedback!

If you were one of the contributors to help us achieve such an honor, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write a review! If you haven’t written one yet, we encourage you to do so. Not only does it help us defend our title as Edmonton’s finest, but it also helps us improve on our customer service – something we believe that no company can ever be too good at. You can write a review here:


We look forward to defending our title for 2014!


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