Butler Plumbing Holiday Maintenance Tips

//Butler Plumbing Holiday Maintenance Tips

As December rolls in and the holidays are around the corner, from everyone at Butler Plumbing, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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The holidays are a great time to put your feet up, relax, and since you have some time on your hands, perform some home maintenance.

Here are our top 5 maintenance tips for the holidays:

  1. Check Your Hot Water Tank

Its is a good idea to every now and then to check your hot water tank for any leaks.  Occasionally your hot water tank may start to leak due to general wear and tear, a leak caught early can be easily fixed as opposed to potentially needing a brand new tank.  If you do find a leak, read our blog on what to do.


  1. Search For Air Leaks

Air leaks around your house can be causing valuable heat to escape and increasing your monthly heating bills.  Take a candle and hold it close to windows and light fittings, if you see the smoke move in a horizontal direction patch it up with some caulking and you’re good to go!


  1. Correctly Store Your Solvents

Solvents are flammable and can be corrosive, so they can potentially create a lot of damage. It is recommended not to store your solvents close to any gas operated appliances, such as your hot water heater or furnace. We recommend storing your solvents in a cool and dry place away from your main appliances, such as garage shelves, outdoor sheds or storage containers.


  1. Maintain Your Dryer

Routine maintenance of your dryer will help your machine last longer and ensure that your home stays safe. Make sure to check and clean the built-in lint filter because blocked filters affect your dryer’s overall performance. Vacuuming the dryer screen filter compartment and double checking the exhaust hood for lint is also recommended to maintain your dryer.


  1. Make Sure Your Sump Pump is Working Properly

Sump pumps prevent dampness from building up and prevents flooding. It is important to make sure your sump pump is working to keep your basement moisture free. Maintenance should be done every 3-4 months as well as once a year. Read our blog post to learn more on how to maintain your sump pump.

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