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Your Essential Spring Renovation Checklist by Butler Plumbing

Deciding to undergo renovations can be overwhelming, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. However, a little planning never hurt anybody. In fact, planning beforehand is a must if you want to renovate your home.

Whether its your first renovation or your 10th, knowing exactly what to prepare and drafting a plan can be overwhelming.

That’s why we have made it simple for you with a quick checklist that will make your renovation life as undisruptive as possible.

  • WISH AWAY! Start by gathering ideas for the bathroom of your dreams. Look for inspiration boards and images that show clear designs, styles, & colours to turn your ideas into reality.
  • Then, narrow your ideas down: When it comes to renovating, options are endless! Pick your absolute favorite features and remember to consider what will work best for the space you have!
  • TAKE BEFORE PICTURES: This is the coolest part, you will see!
  • Priorities, Budget, and Timeline: Decide on how much you are willing to spend and plan accordingly. If you have too many ideas in mind, setting dates and priorities is a great way to start. Setting dates also allows you to plan for the estimated time your home will undergo renovations.
  • Plumbing: Plan to replace old pipes, tubs, sinks, toilets. Inspect for water damage such as leaks, flooring deterioration, cracks on tiles. Find out how much plumbing work you will require. Will it extend to your basement or will you keep it to the bathroom & kitchen area? Thankfully, you can leave this step to the experts in plumbing renovations, Butler Plumbing. Get a Quote today here .
  • FINE PRINT: make sure to thoroughly read the contract and ensure you are signing up for the plumbing renovation of your dreams.
  • Packing: Pack all the things you do not use often because there is no point in having them out and in the way. Keep all the items you consider essential and of everyday use outside. Use boxes to organize big items, which you can then store.
  • Living at Home During Reno: Arrange your household for when work begins. Plan ahead. For example, make storage space if you will need to remove items from a room into another one. Equip a room with all the things you think you might need for days when reno is loud or you just want to escape the madness. For instance, a room with a tv and a DVD player, or a room where you can sit and read to then sleep the noise away.
  • After reno: Go through every space in your home and check everything is in place as planned. Make a list of things that are missing or if there is anything that still needs fixing.
  • Finally Relax & Enjoy: Enjoy your newly renovated home <3
  • TAKE AFTER PICTURES – COMPARE – Show them to all your friends on social media and don’t forget to tag @butlerplumbing because we love sharing your renovation happiness!

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