Common Fall Plumbing Problems & How to Prevent Them

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Broken Water Heater

As fall comes on, you’re probably going to be taking more long, hot showers, baths, and using more hot water in general. Not only that, but the water going into your water heater is going to start out significantly colder than it was in the summer, which means your water heater has to use more heat to get the water to the right temperature. All of this means that in the fall your water heater has to start working overtime, and that can result in water heater failure. Make sure that you’re keeping your water heater maintained by having it serviced regularly and getting it repaired whenever you notice that something is wrong to ensure that it runs smoothly, no matter how hard it has to work.

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Garbage Disposal Failure

Fall is comfort food season, not to mention the season when Thanksgiving happens, so it is the time of year when you’re likely to be cooking and baking more than usual. That means your garbage disposal is going to get a workout. For this reason, garbage disposal units are most likely to fail during the colder months. Be mindful of what you send down your disposal (remember–large food scraps go in the compost, not the disposal) and have it serviced if you notice it’s not running as well as it used to.


Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops below zero, your pipes are in danger of freezing. Not only does that mess with your water supply, but the ice in the pipes can cause them to expand and burst, leaving you with a mess and a costly repair bill on your hands. To keep your pipes from freezing, insulate your pipes and follow these steps.

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