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Autumn’s here! We love this time of year—the crisp, cool air, the changing colours, pumpkin spice everything. When fall hits, it’s an important reminder to get a few things in order with your plumbing to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the winter. Here’s your handy fall plumbing maintenance checklist:


Insulate Your Pipes

If your pipes freeze, they can burst, causing a big mess, expensive water damage, and a major headache. Make sure that you insulate any pipes that are outdoors or in unheated areas such as garages. You can slip insulated foam sleeves around them, use spray-on insulation, or wrap heat tape around them.


Winterize Your Hose Bibs

Disconnect all garden hoses and store them coiled up in a dry place such as a garage or tool shed. Turn off the water and put an insulated cover over your hose bibs to keep them safe from the elements. 


Have Your Boiler or Furnace Serviced

Fall is when you should schedule your annual boiler service or furnace maintenance to avoid emergency furnace problems. This is because, if your boiler is close to breaking down, it is going to do so when the temperatures drop outside. After spending the summer not in use, the sudden strain of being used to heat your home every day is too much for a furnace or boiler that it already nearing the end of its lifespan. Make sure you have a professional inspect and service your unit every fall. Butler’s technicians can help you with any repairs, replacement, and maintenance you may need.

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Turn the Heat Down, Not Off

When you leave the house and the temperature outside is below freezing, do not turn your heat all the way off—just turn it down to a very low setting. This maintains a bit of warmth in the space and prevents pipes from freezing. Plus, your home will be a more comfortable temperature when you return, so it’s a win-win!


Shut Off Water When You’re Away

If you are going on vacation at all this winter, shut off the water before you leave. This way, if your pipes do freeze and crack while you are away, at least they won’t cause your home to flood while you’re not there to do anything about it. Before heading out on your trip, shut off your home’s water main and drain all the pipes by running your household faucets until the water stops. 

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