What To Do When Your Hot Water Tank Is Leaking

//What To Do When Your Hot Water Tank Is Leaking

We get it, no one wants the stress of a broken hot water tank.  It just always seems to happen at the worst time, right?

If you’ve noticed a puddle of water around the bottom of your water tank, don’t fret, we’re here to help get the issue resolved as quickly and headache free as possible.

Follow our 3-step plan to get your water heater fixed ASAP.

 Leaky hot water tank

Step 1 – Find the source of the leak

There are two main areas where a hot water tank tends to leak.

Firstly, check the drain valve at the bottom of the tank.  The drain valve is a faucet that drains the water tank of sediment.

If it is the drain valve that is leaking, then good news.  The repair is easy and relatively inexpensive, contact us and we will have the valve replaced in no time.

If it is not the drain valve, the next place to check is the tank reservoir itself.  Sediment can sometimes build at the bottom of a tank corroding the inner lining.  Unfortunately, if it is the tank reservoir the repair is not as straightforward.  Contact us and we will be able to give a proper assessment.

If you can’t tell exactly where the leak is coming from, contact us, we will be able to diagnose the problem for you.


Step 2 – Turn the Hot Water Tank Off

Now that you have diagnosed exactly where the source of the leak is, the next step is to turn your hot water tank off and stop the water supply to prevent any more water being leaked into your home.

If you have an electric hot water tank, find its circuit breaker on your circuit board and switch it to off.

If you have a gas hot water tank, there should be a switch or dial on the tank, locate it and turn it to off.

Next, shut off the water supply to your tank.  To do this look for a lever valve above your tank, turn it anti-clockwise to shut the water off.  Be careful as you do this, as your hot water tank may still be hot.


Step 3 – Contact Us to Get Things Working Again

Whether your water hot water tank simple needs a drain valve replaced to fix the leak or the issue is something larger, we will be able to get it fixed within no time and have your home running with hot water once again.

Click here to contact us today.

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