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Wondering if you should replace your pipes or not? These tips can help you determine whether your pipes are reaching the end of their life.

Old Age

All pipes will eventually break down when they reach a certain age, and the life expectancy of pipes differs significantly depending on what materials they are made from. If you know what your pipes are made of and approximately how old they are, that can tip you off as to whether you’ll need to replace them soon.

Average Lifespan of Pipes by Material

  • Galvanized steel: 80-100 years
  • Brass: 80-100 years
  • Copper: 70-80 years
  • PVC: 25-40 years

Please note that if you have lead pipes in your home you should have them replaced immediately because they pose a serious health risk. Lead pipes can still be found in some older homes, so if you live in an old house and are unsure of your piping material, have a plumber do an inspection.

Unexplained Spike in Your Water Bill

If your water bill has suddenly gone up and there is no obvious reason why, you may have hidden leaks in your pipes. Leaks can hide behind walls or underground and slowly cause a lot of damage unnoticed. While leaks do not always mean your pipes need to be replaced entirely, they can be a sign that the pipes are beginning to break down and reach the end of their life.

Visible Signs of Damage

Take a look at the visible pipes in your home. Are there visible signs of damage? This could include cracking, discolouration, corrosion, and rust. If your pipes look damaged in a few places, it might be time to get them replaced before you find yourself dealing with a major breakdown at an inconvenient moment.

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