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Preparing Your Main Shutoff ValveShutoff Valve

Sometimes plumbing emergencies happen. When they happen, the first thing you’ll likely need to do, before calling an expert, is to stop the flow of water. Knowing where your main shutoff valve is located is the first step in accomplishing that.

It’s tempting to think that you’ll magically find the shutoff if that hypothetical situation occurs. However, we’d recommend a much better strategy: simply locate and label it without the pressure of an emergency breathing down your neck.

Knowing the difference between your water main and your gas main is also very important. You’ll typically find your gas valve outside and/or near to your gas meter. While the water main valve can vary in location depending on your home, this is another reason to take the time to locate and label it.

And as a final point to consider, while a competent professional plumber will know where to look to find a shutoff valve, having it labeled helps that little bit more. So even if it’s to make our lives easier, we recommend that you take some time this month to find and label your main shutoff valve.

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