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Why Does My Drain Smell Bad?

Why Does My Drain Smell Bad? After a long day of scrubbing your kitchen clean, do you still smell something foul from the garbage disposal? Does the drain smell bad in your bathroom sink? It’s hard to feel like your home is truly clean unless it smells fresh as well. A plumbing system in a home that generates sewer-like odors is something that you want corrected right away. There are a number of reasons why drains can start to emit bad smells,

Why are My Pipes Making Noises?

Why are My Pipes Making Noises? Hearing strange plumbing noises around your home? Generally speaking, plumbing systems should work silently. When pipes begin to get noisy, it’s because they require attention. Think about it as if your pipes where crying for help, banging, hissing, and hammering away with that annoying racket. Sometimes, the noises are minor and don’t indicate a serious issue. However, reaching out for professional plumbing advice is ALWAYS recommended when it comes to noisy plumbing systems. There are many

Your Spring Renovation Checklist by Butler Plumbing

Deciding to undergo a spring renovation can be overwhelming, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. However, a little planning never hurt anybody. In fact, planning beforehand is a must if you want to renovate your home. Whether its your first renovation or your 10th, knowing exactly what to prepare and drafting a plan can be overwhelming. That’s why we have made it simple for you with a quick checklist that will make your renovation life as undisruptive as possible. WISH

5 Signs Your Toilet is Broken

Best Seat in the House Toilets are the best seat in the house! You’re expected to remain seated for the entire “performance”. They treat us well, keep us clean, and don’t tell anyone what they’ve seen, but what if your fear your toilet is broken? Admit it, we have all sat on the toilet and turned the WASHROOM into a THINKING ROOM. Some of our best and worst thoughts come from sitting on that seat, but the best part is when life

Do You Need a Water Softener?

Chances are if you’re reading this then you’re wondering if you need a water softener. Water softeners are a useful appliance that helps to remove the hard water in your home. If you are like many other homeowners, you probably do not pay much attention to your water softener.

How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

What is a Sump Pump? A sump pump is a pump that sits at the bottom of your house to prevent any dampness from building up and clear all water from your house in the case of a flooding. It’s crucial to maintain your sump pump in basements suites and houses where the foundation is below the water line. These are the residences that are most at risk of flooding.   Why Do I Need a Sump Pump? A sump pump is like an

10 Tips For Your Home Plumbing Renovation

Where Do I Start? Renovating your home can be a very rewarding project. There is nothing more fun than seeing all the hard work you put into deciding what color schemes and appliances you want and where you want them each situated. Performing a home plumbing renovation in particular is an investment in both time and money so you want to have a good idea of what you are getting into before you jump in feet first! We know that every home

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Happy Holidays from Butler Plumbing As December rolls in and the holidays are around the corner, from everyone at Butler Plumbing, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The holiday season is a great time to put your feet up, relax, and since you have some time on your hands, perform some home maintenance.   Five Maintenance Tips for the Holidays Check Your Hot Water Tank Its is a good idea to every now and then to check your hot water tank

Tank vs Tankless Water Heater

What is the Difference and What Should You Choose? As any homeowner knows, your water heater can be a costly, but necessary investment. Consider all of the factors before making your decision as this a purchase lasts for years to come! What factors should you consider when researching a new water heater? It’s important to consider each of the following: Cost Efficiency Longevity You must also decide between tankless water heaters and traditional or tank storage water heaters. But, what is the difference? Tankless water heaters are