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Best of 2012 Award Winner

Congratulations to all the staff at Butler Plumbing and Heating. We have received an award for the Best of 2012 Edmonton in the category of Plumbing. The award is based on the ratings and reviews from the homeowners who hire us. Thank you to our customers for their kind reviews. We have great loyal customers who we have been serving for years. And we look forward the helping you in 2013. Also thanks to Homestars for recognizing Butler Plumbing and Heating for our exemplar

Furnace Room Tips

It’s the room that as a kid was always a little scary. And to most adults it can still cause anxiety to think about it. Not whether there is a monster lurking, but more so if my furnace and boiler are working. Here are some tips you can do to help make service on your appliances go smoothly. First make sure you have enough light in the furnace room. If needed change burnt light bulbs and add extra lights if possible. Monsters

Smart phones

Technology including smart phones are changing the way we as contractors interact with you our customers, our suppliers and eachother. We can access equipment details on site and arm ourselves with useful information. 20 years ago parts were more generic and easy to stock. Now with a hundred different furnace or toilet brands, it becomes impossible to carry every part. Introduce the Smart phone. You can now snap a photo of the leak, or the control, or anything that would help us understand

Customer Question

After a good long discussion about some hot water tank trouble, I got asked today by a customer on the phone “Why should I use Butler Plumbing?”. I was a little caught off guard because I usually am answering questions about our labour and travel charges. But I rattled off the first three things that came to my head.You’ve been talking to a Plumber for 5min. Call a couple other companies and see what happens. We take our Service seriously My guys

Sump Pumps

It is springtime and time to check your sump pump. Most houses have a sump barrel under the concrete that collect rain water. Inside this barrel is a pump which is connected to a pipe heading outside. A float which acts like a switch will turn the pump on as the water in the barrel rises, and off as the water lowers. At a call last week, a homeowner had forgotten to remove a discharge hose from the outside line last