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Now’s A Great Time to Think about Tree Roots

Greedy tree roots can be very damaging to ones pipes. Attracted to moisture collecting on small cracks in a pipe, the force of the root can completely break through the pipe. Once inside they’ll begin to grow and grow, causing even more damage. Beyond a leaky pipe, it also means that the chances of backups dramatically increase.

Cleaning Intake Screens to Prevent Blockages

Your building has several intake areas which allow air to enter inside your building. Each intake is equipped with a mesh screen that allows air to flow while keeping out any organic or inorganic materials from coming along. If these screens aren’t properly taken care of they can easily become blocked, preventing fresh air from coming into your home.

Avoid Ruptured Pipes

Now is a great time to start preparing your outside faucets and hoses for winter. While it’s still September and relatively warm it’s a great time to start preparing your outside faucets and hoses for the cold weather to come. As temperatures drop below zero any water still left in a hose will freeze. As the water expands it can bust a hose wide open or even worse, cause ruptured pipes behind your wall. The best thing you can do

Avoid Smells in Floor Drains

When the water in the p-trap has evaporated, sewer gases from below can creep into your house. Filling your floor drains and unused showers or tubs with water is a great way to avoid this from ever happening. Make sure that you take care to fill all drains with a good amount of water. This will ensure that all p-traps are filled. Keep an eye out for drains that you don’t often use. Not only will the water in the

Testing Your Sump Pump What You Should Know

When water collects in a low-lying area of your house it’s commonly known as a sump. Your sump pump removes this ground water and directs it towards a more appropriate location, such as a storm drain or other drainage system. Getting rid of this water is important as if left to fester it will cause untold damage. That’s why a good quality sump pump is important and a working one even more so. Testing Your Sump Pump In order to

Keeping your Eavestrough Piping Clear

It’s always a good idea to set aside some time to inspect your eavestrough piping whenever we enter a new season. Your eavestrough piping retrieves rain water from your gutter and leads it away from your property, keeping your home safe from flooding damage. Don’t let neglected clutter turn into an expensive plumbing bill! Your gutter can gather a lot of unwanted debris, whether that’s an excess of fallen leaves, dirt, or other particles. If you neglect inspecting it for too

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Inspect Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Carbon monoxide fumes are invisible, odorless, and can lead to serious consequences if you’re exposed. Having a working CO detector will ensure you’re protected should you find yourself dealing with a leak. When functioning properly, a carbon monoxide detector will warn you of an improperly burning gas heater or a blocked chimney. We typically inspect smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year, but we recommend that you perform a couple inspections on

Furnace Filter Management

Spend Now, Save Later A lot of furnace repairs come as a result of poor filter maintenance. Therefore, taking a few minutes to replace your furnace filter can save you a lot of money on repairs down the road. While your blower is on, your furnace filter is designed to remove dust particles and other allergens from the air. After a few months, these filters can become quite dirty and should be replaced. Failure to do so can result in furnace

A Gold Medal for Butler Plumbing!

Butler Plumbing Wins HomeStars Award 2013 As the Winter Olympics nears its finale and new story lines are written for all the competing athletes, we can’t help but reflect on our own accomplishments here at Butler Plumbing. We’re thrilled to say that we have received a HomeStars Award for being Edmonton’s best plumbing company in 2013. This award was earned because we received the highest reputation based on client reviews. As a result, we wouldn’t have won our second consecutive