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Why Should You Choose Butler Plumbing? A customer called me today and asked, “Why should I use Butler Plumbing?” While many of our questions related to labor and travel charges, I welcomed the opportunity to speak about what makes Butler Plumbing one of Edmonton’s premier plumbing companies.   We Have Over 30 Years of Industry Experience Two co-workers, Paul Amyotte and Kevin Korte, established Butler Plumbing in the spring of 2005. We started working out of two old vans, but quickly grew into a

Sump Pumps

It is springtime and time to check your sump pump. Most houses have a sump barrel under the concrete that collect rain water. Inside this barrel is a pump which is connected to a pipe heading outside. A float which acts like a switch will turn the pump on as the water in the barrel rises, and off as the water lowers. At a call last week, a homeowner had forgotten to remove a discharge hose from the outside line last

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