Why are My Pipes Making Noises?

//Why are My Pipes Making Noises?

Why are My Pipes Making Noises?

Are you tired of those strange plumbing noises around your home? Generally speaking, plumbing systems should work silently. When pipes begin to get noisy, it’s because they require attention. Think about it as if your pipes where crying for help, banging, hissing, and hammering away with that annoying racket. Sometimes the noises are minor and don’t indicate a serious issue.
However, reaching out for professional plumbing advice is ALWAYS recommended when it comes to noisy plumbing systems since there are many possible causes behind the noise which will most likely require professional attention.

My pipes are making weird noises, I need help!

Let’s Explore the different noises pipes tend to produce:


Those hammering, banging, and vibrating noises are also known as Hydraulic shocks:

  • Screeching, rattling, banging
  • can cause the pipes to collapse
  • large water-consuming appliances: dishwashers, toilets, washing machine
  • High water pressure: If the water pressure is too high, you will definitely experience loud banging noises.

At Butler, there is no sound we haven’t heard! We are experts at installing air chambers and figuring out just where that odd sound is coming from. Air chambers ensure that water is not forced to change direction, which is why those noises are produced. The air chambers then prevent and ensure your water-consuming appliances are safely used. Technically what the air chamber does is serve as extra space for water to flow through!

Water Pressure

High water pressure is a common noise maker when it comes to pipe systems. Not only will you have to endure the loud banging, but you will most likely damage your appliances by exposing their internal components to the high pressure. Depending on the issue, a water pressure regulator may be all you need. Contact Butler Plumbing today for help with high pressure pipes.

High water pressure: wasteful and damaging: ruins dishwashers, icemakers, washing machines, and any water-supplied automatic appliances. Learn more about water pressure issues you might have by giving us a call today!

Get my water pressure regulated today, ask a professional plumber!

Wobbly Pipes

Wobbly pipes that are not securely strapped will move around and create friction that cause the pipes to bang against the surrounding wall. Trying to fix this on your own can be detrimental for your piping system overall. Using the wrong materials and methods can result in wearing away of the pipe, leading to sever leaks. You can save yourself all this trouble by contacting an expert plumber today, request a quote.

I need my plumbing problems solved!


Typically, whistling and hissing is an indicator of valve issues. Sometimes water is forced to go through a narrower or obstructed pipe. This can be caused by dirt or corroded metal that has loosened within the water system which then flows into your homes’ plumbing system. In other words, minerals and sediments build up inside the pipes, narrowing the space for water flow down. When this obstruction becomes too big, the pipes need replacing. However, if the problem is new and not much sediments have built up, you can easily get your pipes cleaned.

Get in Contact with Edmonton’s plumbing experts today!

At Butler Plumbing we are experts in all plumbing issues. It is always better to call our experts because you never know the magnitude of your piping problems. Often people try tampering with their pipes only to make their problems worse. Save yourself the trouble and give us a call, we promise to make it as seamless as possible!

Don’t Ignore your Plumbing noises, they indicate Plumbing Issues!

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