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Many peoples’ first instinct when they notice a slow or clogged up drain is to reach for a bottle of store-bought chemical drain cleaner, but that actually does more harm than good. This is because liquid drain cleaners from the store contain caustic chemicals that not only eat away at the clogs in your pipes, but also eat away at your pipes too and can cause leaks and serious damage in the future.

When you notice a clogged up drain, first reach for the plunger and try to fix it that way. If the  clog is too stubborn to be plunged away, it’s time to call in a plumber. Professional drain cleaning is much safer than chemical cleaners and will not damage your pipes. 

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Video Pipe Inspection

If you have a tricky blockage, video pipe inspection is a good option to find out exactly where the clog is located and what is causing it. In this process, fibre-optic cable mounted cameras are sent down the drain to locate the blockage and determine what it is. Once your plumber has found the offending blockage with a video inspection, they can remove the clog through either snaking or hydro-jetting.



A drain snake is a thin, flexible auger that can be fed into a drain to dislodge and break up blockages. Snaking is the most common professional drain cleaning technique and is enough to remove most household clogs, but if a blockage is particularly difficult, hydro-jetting may be necessary.



Hydro-jetting is generally used if a clog is too stubborn for snaking to be effective. The hydro-jet blasts water at a high pressure through the pipes to knock any blockages loose, leaving a clear pathway for water to flow freely through your pipes.

If you have a clog that just won’t let up, give the professionals at Butler a call today! We offer drain cleaning services and all other plumbing repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

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