Should My Pipes Be Making that Noise? Common Plumbing Sounds and What They Mean

//Should My Pipes Be Making that Noise? Common Plumbing Sounds and What They Mean
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Pipes aren’t perfect and sometimes they start making the strangest of sounds. Some of these noises can be particularly unsettling – do you call a plumber or an exorcist? 

Don’t worry, this blog will help you identify the most common plumbing sounds and understand what they mean. 

Banging or Hammering Sounds 

When your pipes make a banging sound within your walls, this is known as a ‘water hammer’ and it’s the most common plumbing noise people complain about. You’ll often hear this sound when you turn a faucet off. This causes the water flow to stop abruptly and the water to create a rattle inside your pipes as it searches for an exit. This can be resolved by installing an anti-hammer device or hammer arrestor. 

Whistling Sounds

If the whistling sound comes from one or two running faucets, it’s most likely the result of a worn washer which can easily be replaced. If you feel surrounded by the whistling noises, however, it could be the result of an obstruction or mineral buildup in your pipes that causes their diameter to narrow. An obstruction can simply be removed, but serious mineral buildup may require your pipes to be replaced.

Vibrating Sounds 

If your pipes are making a humming or vibrating sound, this usually means there’s excessive water pressure. While this isn’t cause for concern, continuous vibrations can eventually lead to a leak, so it’s worth making sure your water pressure is stable. 

Dripping Sounds

While they may not sound as intimidating as the ‘water hammer’ or as spooky as a whistle, it’s dripping sounds that should really have you scared! They could indicate a leak or an issue with your drain and should be dealt with by a professional immediately. 

If you need help with your noisy plumbing, give us a call and book an appointment today! 

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