Sump Pump drainage systemIt is springtime and time to check your sump pump. Most houses have a sump barrel under the concrete that collect rain water. Inside this barrel is a pump which is connected to a pipe heading outside. A float which acts like a switch will turn the pump on as the water in the barrel rises, and off as the water lowers.

At a call last week, a homeowner had forgotten to remove a discharge hose from the outside line last year in the fall. Well in the spring the barrel filled and tried to pump the water but could not as the discharge hose was filled with ice. So this pressurized the pipe and blew apart the flexible connection in the barrel. The home owner noticed water seeping out of the barrel and called us right away. We fixed it up reminded them to remove the hose next fall before the freeze.

Take a look in the barrel and all the piping, even outside. If possible raise the float temporarily to test the pump. Have fun.

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