Testing Your Sump Pump What You Should Know

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How To Test Your Sump Pump
When water collects in a low-lying area of your house it’s commonly known as a sump. Your sump pump removes this ground water and directs it towards a more appropriate location, such as a storm drain or other drainage system. Getting rid of this water is important as if left to fester it will cause untold damage. That’s why a good quality sump pump is important and a working one even more so.

Testing Your Sump Pump

In order to make sure that your sump pump is working you need to ensure that the float is connected. The float is an attachment on the pump’s main lever. Make sure that it is connected and working properly. A way to test this is to lift the float, once up the pump should turn on. It should also be able to move freely without getting caught on anything. After you’ve tested your pump visually inspect the discharge to make sure water is directed away from your building and off of your property.

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