The Pros and Cons of Tankless and Traditional Water Heaters

//The Pros and Cons of Tankless and Traditional Water Heaters
A tankless water heater against a blue wall.

If you’re thinking about installing a new water heater in your home, here’s the skinny on the pros and cons of both conventionional tank models and tankless water heaters.

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Traditional Water Heaters

A conventional hot water heater is a large tank that heats and stores hot water to be used in your home. These water heaters are the most common to see in households.


Cheaper initial cost – hot water tanks are more affordable to purchase and install than tankless varieties.

Cheaper repairs – because conventional water heaters are less complicated, repairing them costs less.

You get more hot water – hot water tanks hold a large amount, so if you need a particularly large amount of hot water at once (say you want to use the shower, dishwasher, and washing machine all at once), but once the tank empties you will have to wait a while for your hot water to replenish. 


Take up more space – conventional hot water tanks take up a large amount of space, making them difficult to fit in some smaller homes.

Shorter lifespan – hot water tanks usually last about 10 years before they need to be replaced, while tankless models last around 20 years.

Hot water runs out – you may get more hot water at once with a tank, but that hot water will run out and you will have to wait an hour or two for it to replenish, while tankless models will heat water instantly.


Tankless Water Heaters

Instead of storing hot water in a tank, tankless water heaters use high-powered burners to heat water instantly as you need it, so you don’t run out of hot water as the tank empties.


Longer lifespan – tankless water heaters usually last around 20 years if properly maintained. This is twice as long as a traditional hot water tank lasts. 

Instant hot water – tankless water heaters heat the water instantly as you need it, so there’s no waiting around for the water to heat up after somebody took a long shower.

Lower monthly costs – these water heaters are about 22% percent more efficient than hot water tanks, so you’ll save a bundle annually on your monthly bills.

Space savers – tankless heaters don’t take up much room, making them a good choice for small homes where space is hard to come by.


Won’t heat enough water for large households – if you have a larger number of people living in your house and using hot water simultaneously, a tankless water heater won’t be able to keep up with it and you will get inconsistent temperatures.

High initial cost – tankless water heaters are more expensive than traditional water heaters to buy and install, but since they last twice as long as traditional heaters, the initial cost eventually pays for itself.

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