Butler Plumbing offers the best hot water tank repair in Edmonton

/Butler Plumbing offers the best hot water tank repair in Edmonton

We provide the most reliable service for tankless water heater maintenance and hot water tank repair in Edmonton and the surrounding areas

Need help choosing and quickly installing a brand new hot water tank? Is your hot water heater leaking or always breaking down, leaving you with regular cold showers?

Butler Plumbing has been providing Edmonton with leading local plumbing services since 2005. With 30 plus years of experience, we can replace and repair any water boiler, electric tankless hot water heater, gas water heater, instant hot water heaters or any other variations.


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We offer expert hot water tank maintenance and plumbing services at the best prices for all your water heating needs

Having accessible hot water is essential for so many of our day to day activities, whether it’s to wash our clothes or our appliances. Nobody likes having cold showers every day, especially during the winter. We offer complete hot water tank maintenance services from installation to regular repairs and replacement, if necessary.

We can adjust any of our already stellar services to fit any heating service need you may have, even if you just need help finding the best gas water heater available.

Our standard water heating services:


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Save money and prevent your hot water heater leaking by knowing the basic maintenance needs for your tank or tankless system

There are so many hot water tank options, and different ways to perform maintenance for each one. Performing these basic and regular checks will extend the life of your hot water heating system and reduce the emergencies you may have down the line.

  • Tankless/On demand/ Instant Water Heaters: To maintain the health of your tankless heating system, by performing regular checks for rust, deterioration and mineral deposits. Instant tankless systems, also often shut down due to the high demand of hot water which can happen if multiple people are requesting hot water from a single system. Be wary of these faults in your tankless hot water heater and you will greatly reduce your future plumbing problems.


  • Gas Water Tank Heaters: For a gas water tank, you must always check to ensure the pilot light is on. A pilot light that is off is the most commonly stated problem for gas water tank heaters. When the pilot light is working you will barely notice it, but when it is not you will have nothing but cold water. Depending on your model, there are a few ways to re-light your pilot light, including using a match. However, errors could be potentially dangerous as you are dealing with gas, so we strongly recommend you either contact a professional or follow the steps in a designated manual.


  • Electric Water Tank Heaters: You must regularly check the elements of your electric water tank heater. Faulty elements are the most common problem for a malfunctioning electric water heater which requires To do so you will need to cut power to the tank, drain the tank, unscrew the element, and then screw in your new element. Replacing the faulty elements is not a very complicated procedure, and it can be accomplished even if you are inexperienced. However, we once again strongly recommend that you do not undertake any plumbing problem without consulting a professional first, as a mistake could have a dangerous result.


  • Excessive Deterioration: Allowing your hot water tank to deteriorate past a certain point can have dangerous consequences. If your hot water system has become excessively rusty, leaky or damaged in any way then you must contact a professional immediately. A hot water heater can blow up if not maintained and replaced regularly.


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