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We offer 24 hour emergency furnace repair and services

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Did you buy yourself a new heating system and don’t know where to begin? Is your furnace failing and you’re badly in need of an expert to come look at it? We are glad to provide Edmonton furnace repair services.

Butler Plumbing provides quality furnace replacement and we can fix and replace any faulty heating systems in your house, apartment, office or commercial building. Our 24 hour emergency furnace repair service ensures that no matter what time it is, Butler Plumbing can handle it. We specialize in heating & furnace maintenance with our expert knowledge of repair, removal, and installation of any system. Our knowledge and experience ensures we can help you with any of your heating and gasfitting problems.

We provide plumbing, heating, & gasfitting services to the entire surrounding areas of Edmonton as well as St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Butler Plumbing is Edmonton’s leading plumbing service for over 30 years. We’re happy to take the hard job of emergency heating system repair off your hands and return your system to its fully-functioning glory.

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24-hour emergency furnace repair and HVAC emergency repair for all your heating systems

Heating your home or office is an absolute necessity in the Edmonton climate. You know your heating system is working when you barely think of it, but sometimes things are not so easy. Sometimes we must conduct a full furnace replacement or buy an entirely new system and other times we notice our loyal and long running furnaces leaking or just plain not working.

We offer 24 hour heating services and emergency repairs for all furnace & system needs:

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Perform regular heating maintenance checks for the health of your furnace or HVAC system

We recommend all our clients perform these regular heating system and furnace maintenance best practices before a breakdown of their equipment. Following these guidelines will go a long way in elongating the health and lifespan of your furnace or heating system. If you regularly perform these practices but problems persist then you must seek professional help.

  • Check your filters: Especially for furnace maintenance, a lack of filter upkeep is the leading cause of long-term heating problems. If you are unaware of where your furnace filter is located, Butler Plumbing can help you locate it.
  • Change your filter: If you notice your filter is exceptionally worn out or so dirty it is uncleanable then it’s time to change your filter. You can do this on your own, while Butler Plumbing can direct you to high quality filters if you so need.
  • Follow flammability precautions: Keep all flammable and gaseous products away from your furnace and heating system. If you’re unsure about which products can be kept near your heating system, call Butler Plumbing for further information.

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Never handle emergency heating system repair and furnace problems on your own

Butler Plumbing always advises their clients on how to save money for heating system repairs. That’s when we badly need to know the difference between an emergency heating problem and basic furnace maintenance that a non-professional can handle. There are many checks and clean-ups you can do on your own, which can greatly extend the life of your furnace or heating system.

However, there are some problems that can only be truly addressed by a trained professional. Ignoring or attempting to fix the following problems yourself could result in catastrophic situations.

  • New heating system installation: you should never install a new system on your own as you may make an error that could cause you further problems down the road. Butler Plumbing offers competitive rates and along with our years of experience of installing central heating.
  • Unusual and frequent leaks: Liquid damage of any kind can cause significant and unpredictable damage to your property. Doing a simple patch up job of your leaking heating system may curb the problem for now but the further damage will be seen in the future. Contacting a professional to determine the true source of leaks will save you a great amount of money in the future.
  • Excessive or large cracks: Wear and tear are normal for any furnace or heating system. However, once a heating system, especially a gas heater, becomes too cracked it could affect the safety of the interior heat exchangers resulting in a potentially hazardous situation. If you notice excessive damage contact a trained professional as soon as possible to determine if there has been critical damage. Butler Plumbing offers 24-hour furnace and heating service and repair.
  • Powerful and out-of-the ordinary smells: Furnaces’ and heating systems are designed to be odorless and quiet. If you encounter a powerful smell from your furnace and heating system then you must contact a trained professional for emergency heating system repair immediately.

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Butler Plumbing is here to help you by offering 24 hour heating services and emergency heating system repair for all your needs. Contact us or call us 780-432-3947 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for fast and reliable aid from your local leading Edmonton furnace repair and plumbing company.

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