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Gas Garage Heater Installation

Heating your garage is a good idea, particularly here in Alberta where the cold winters can do a number on our cars. Keeping a heated garage makes it a better environment for your vehicle in the winter, plus it takes the chill off so that you can comfortably use the space as a workshop, studio, or other area where you will actually want to spend time. A residential garage heater provides comfort for your garage and workshop all year round and eliminates condensation that can damage your tools.

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Garage Heater Installers Near Me

If you live in Edmonton or the surrounding area, Butler’s technicians are happy to offer you professional, efficient, and affordable garage furnace installation services. Whether you’re looking for a gas garage heater installation, hanging garage heater installation, or garage heater maintenance, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

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Garage Heater Installation Cost

The cost of having a garage heater will range a lot depending on the type of heater, location, venting, power, and gas requirements. At Butler, we are committed to providing our customers with affordable prices for quality workmanship. For more information eg costs, timing, etc – let us know the specifics of your installation project and we’ll be happy to give you an accurate estimate.

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