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More and more Edmonton and area homeowners are opting for in floor heating systems, also known as hydronic heating or radiant floor heating. In floor radiant heating is a consistent type of heating that works by installing a system of pipes beneath your flooring. Heated water is sent through the system of pipes, warming the flooring from below.

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Benefits of In Floor Heating Systems

Energy Efficient

Hydronic heating systems are at least 25% more efficient than forced-air heating systems, which means lower monthly heating costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Consistent Heating

Because a hydronic in floor heating system is installed beneath the entire floor of a given room, your space is heated consistently and does not have any cold patches.

Maintenance Free

Once your hydronic in floor radiant heating has been installed, it is virtually maintenance free and will last for many years to come.

In Floor Radiant Heating Is Silent Heating

Unlike other heating systems, in floor radiant heating is completely silent when it’s running, which means your home is not only warm, but peaceful as well.

No More Cold Floors

Is there anything worse than getting out of bed on a cold winter’s morning and touching your bare feet to a freezing cold floor? Since in floor radiant heating systems warm your home from the floor up, you don’t have to worry about cold floors anymore.


Doesn’t Reduce Air Quality

Forced air heating systems can blow dust and allergens around, reducing the air quality in your home. Since an in floor heating system do not blow heat into the air, they do not reduce your home indoor air quality.

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In Floor Radiant Heating Cost

The cost for in floor heating system installation differs from project to project, depending on the specifications of your space. At Butler Plumbing, Heating & Gasfitting, we are happy to give you an estimate on in floor radiant heating costs. Simply get in touch with us and give us some details about your project.

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