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Kevin Korte – Owner 

Kevin is an original co-founder, and sole owner of Butler Plumbing est in 2005. He likes to be out showing the plumbers new ways of doing things and is always there to lend a helping hand. When he is not hard at work, he likes to curl and play hockey. He also loves spending time with his wife and two kids.


Chelsey Gayleard – Executive Assistant

Chelsey has been with Butler since the fall of 2012. Her goal is to give great customer service to everyone who calls in and comes into Butler Plumbing. She coordinates jobs, picks orders and assists with any jobs needing to be done in the office. When she is not working in the office, Chelsey likes to go relax in the mountains whenever she gets a chance and spend time with friends and family.


Vey Emberly – Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

Vey has been  Office Administrator and Bookkeeper at Butler Plumbing since 2013, Vey runs a functional and efficient office. She handles AR, AP, invoicing, submitting quotes, coordinating events and ensures that payroll is always on time. When not at work Vey is a family woman and likes to spend time with her husband, kids, grandchildren, her golden retriever and cat.


Travis Schendzielorz – Dispatcher

Travis started with Butler Plumbing in the fall of 2021. He has proven to be a great asset to our team. Travis answers phones and coordinates jobs, but not to be confused with the other Travis. He has a background of working in the trades anywhere from carpentry to stucco siding. He is quick witted and doesn’t like to see anyone be left behind. In his spare time he likes to paint and bake lots of good treats.


Travis Grams – Safety Coordinator/ Plumber

Travis is a valued member of the Butler Team and has been with us since 2012. Customers say he is very polite, efficient and will take the time to explain the work he has done. Travis loves to camp and spend time with his family. Travis is the proud papa of two kids.


Bryce Mertler – Plumber

Bryce has been plumbing since 2006. He originally started with Butler Plumbing in 2013 and then took a year off in 2017 and came back in 2018. He is a result driven employee of Butler Plumbing and he will work till he gets it right. Bryce is resourceful when on site to resolve customer issues, and he can work on anything from boilers, steam showers right down to a clogged drain. When he is not busy working for Butler Plumbing, he spends time with his 4 kids. When he gets free time he works on his band AtaxicCrux.


David Christopher – Plumber

David has been plumbing since late 2013 and with Butler Plumbing since late 2018. He enjoys  the challenges of being in the service side of plumbing, always learning something new and no job is ever the same. He likes problem solving and making the customers happy, by providing the best service he can. David is always on the go and when he is not working at Butler Plumbing, he is volunteering for events or doing sound for his church or whoever else needs his help.


Mark Smale – Plumber

Mark got his Journeyman ticket in the late 90’s and has been Plumbing and Gasfitting ever since. He has been with Butler Plumbing since late 2018. In spare time, Mark plays in a Buddy Holly Tribute band and spends time with his family.


Chad Brooks – Plumber

Chad has 26 years experience in the plumbing trade and has been a great asset to the Butler team since the end of 2019. He can work on anything from a clogged drain to repairing and servicing a boiler system. When Chad is not working he enjoys outdoor activities with his 2 sons, or being at the local Dart competition.


Randy Johnston – Plumber

Randy has been plumbing since 2016 and has been with Butler early 2022. He has been plumbing since February 2016. When he is not working he goes out and about with his dog. He also likes to enjoy the weather when it is nice.


Chris Shepherd – Plumber

Chris has been plumbing since he was 18 years old and is a new addition to our team in 2022. He likes the challenges that plumbing can present to him, each day is always different, you never know what you will find. When he is not plumbing, he is coaching u10 soccer for his step son. He always enjoys spending time with his family which include his girlfriend, step son and his three daughters. Not to mention his son who will be here in a month. When he is not coaching soccer or spending time with his family he likes to go biking or playing hockey depending on the season.


Garry Purcell – Plumber

Garry has been plumbing for 12 years and is a new addition to our team in 2022. Garry got interested in plumbing when he had a clogged sink and called a plumber to come and clear it. As he watched the plumber do his work he thought to himself, “Hey, I could do that” and so his journey began. In his spare time he likes going to movies and playing games with his family, watching his kids play baseball and getting out to do a round or two of golf.


Matthew Chivers – Apprentice

Matthew started with Butler Plumbing in mid 2018. He has been eager to learn the trade of plumbing. When he is not working he is either working on his truck, spending time with his family and friends, or doing something outside.


Loel Holmes-Ficko – Apprentice

Loel is just getting into the trades and is eager to jump right in to give anyone a hand. A YouTuber struck his interest to get into the trade of plumbing.He has been absorbing all the information on plumbing since September 2021. When he isn’t working he likes to hang out with his friends, play video games and participate in church activities.



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